My Log Book Draft

So far In Performing Arts we have been exploring and responding to different stimuli. We began the course looking at different scenarios with different types of people, in which we randomized a person, setting and emotion and based a performance around that. This helped us to understand how to respond to a stimuli effectively and how to turn something simple into a piece of movement.

A thousand years

This was the stimulus that i showed to the class. This inspired me as it told a story in a very strong way and used movement to establish the relationship between the two people.

After that, we began looking at people’s natural movement, the way people acted when they were by themselves and when they were around others. We took this information and copied it, acting as though we were the people we’d seen. We developed this into a piece of physical theater, exaggerating our movements and making them unrealistic. This created the basis for our draft group performance. Using our individual pieces of movement we then created a setting which helped establish a story line, in a prison.